In order to fulfill our mission, several problems need to be overcome.

Few people know the basics of nutrition

In today's world, with so many people suffering from being overweight, underweight, or who are simply trying to get more fit, it is frankly insane that so few people know about nutrition.

Alex, the company's founder, spent almost 10 years trying to gain weight, taking shakes/gainers/creatine/you-name-it, until he figured out he needed to eat 4500 calories per day!
He then managed to gain 40lbs in 6 months, and this transformative experience ultimately led him to start his company.

Also, the internet is absolutely littered with misinformation, click-bait articles and blogs, and unethical companies taking advantage of people's misfortune.

This has to change!

We provide our calorie calculator for free so that anyone, whether they're a customer or not, can calculate their daily requirements. We also tweaked the user experience of the calculator so that it teaches people the basics of nutrition as they use it.

It's hard to make a nutrition plan

Once you know how many calories and macros you need per day, how do you break it down into actual meals?
Since my needs are unique, how can I find recipes that exactly suit them?

The solution is simple: Standardization!

Our patent-pending solution is to make daily meal plans, with items that have standardized nutritional values.

You can use those standardized lego blocks to build your plan, and customize it to reach your daily needs.

We took the formula and requirements from nutritionists, and did most of the hard work for you:
by doing data science on existing items and statistically relevant use-cases, we figured out the best nutritional values for our building blocks.

By having standardized items, we make it very simple to create meal plans. We provide predefined meal plans, from 1500-300 calories/day for fat loss, and from 2500-4500 calories/day for performance/muscle building.
You can also create your own meal plan if you want to be even more precise!

Once the nutritional values for the building-blocks were defined, the only thing left to do is to create recipes that exactly match the standardized macros. At Fit-Plans, all meals of the same category have the same macros. ** This is really important! ** It's the key to make our solution work in real-life, and it has the added benefit that meals are interchangeable: You don't need to calculate your intake every day depending on which meal you eat.

At Fit-Plans, we want to revolutionize the way people think about food. We want people to stop thinking in terms of food or meals, but rather in terms of calories per day.

We don't sell food. We sell calories.

It's very hard to follow a nutrition plan

Now you know how many calories per day you need, and your nutritionist/coach/our website gave you the list of meals you need to prepare every week. Sounds like most of the hard work is done, right?

Now you need to buy all these ingredients and make sure they have the right nutritional values, follow exactly the amounts for each recipe, weighing each ingredient, portioning your meals, for every meal, every day, for several weeks or months.

This requires insane amounts of effort, discipline, and long-term dedication.

There are plenty of meal-prep, healthy meal-prep, or even "fit" meal prep services out there.

Few of them actually provide nutrition information for their meals, and even fewer in a consistent, easy to reach place. And for those, how do you know that they'll actually meet those macros? There's no governing body checking nutritional values, and anyone can write nutrition facts for their recipes.
Did you know that by cooking your rice one extra minute, it can become 10% heavier? That your meat can lose 50% of its weight (mostly water) while cooking? That 10g of oil, or just one table spoon, is a whopping 100 calories?

Given these facts it is almost impossible to ensure nutritional values are met consistently, unless they spend great amount of care in weighing and portioning.
And if it's not the core value of their business, they won't.

Most of the meal prep services serve just meals, meaning you're on your own for all the remaining intakes of the day: you'll still have to do the hard work for those.

And last but not least, none of them sells meals with standardized macros, which is a shame, really.
This means that while you can order meals, you'll have to check each meal for nutritional values, and each day you'll need to mix and match meals in order to reach your daily macros and calories...

By providing all your calories of the day, we help you focus on your training, and the rest of your daily life.

As long as you train and eat your plan, results are scientifically guaranteed!

What we bring to the table

At Fit-Plans, our core mission is to help our customers reach their goals, by delivering the exact amount of calories and macros per day.

We don't sell food. We sell calories.

To this effect, we guarantee that:

  • All recipes are standardized to reach the target values
  • All ingredients are weighed before cooking, after cooking, and during portioning
  • We provide all meals of your day. No more shopping and prepping!
  • Our recipes are actual, complete, delicious recipes. Not factorized "choose your veggies and meat". Real recipes. We're really proud of them
  • At least half of the menu changes every week
  • We also provide you with the other tools you may need to reach your goals: the user section allows you to track your weight and performance, define objectives and auto-update your recommandations. We offer subscriptions, and nutritionist consultations! Contact us for more info.